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Peal Boards

Information about the Peal Boards with a photograph gallery

Peal Boards from the 19th Century

There are six peal boards relating to this century at St Michael’s. All of the peal boards are typical Victorian style boards with gold lettering on a black board and most are approximately 100cm high and 80cm wide.  The Exception to this is the peal board that relates to the peal on 12th February 1896, the peal that featured Alice White on the treble and which was the first recorded peal ever with a lady ringing.  This peal board was actually made sometime in the 1960’s-70’s and is not contemporaneous to the peal itself as can be seen from the fact that it is not black nor relatively large.

The earliest peal board that St Michael’s is dated 14th November 1885 for a peal of Grandsire Triples by the Royal Cumberland Youths and is the first recorded peal on the bells as well as the first peal of Holt’s Original in Hampshire [this calling for a peal of Grandsire Triples is notoriously difficult since there is no repetitive structure to the calls to help the conductor remember what comes next].  The latest in the 19th Century is dated 8th December 1896.

Peal Boards from the 20th Century

There are five peal boards peal boards from this century and they are much more variable in both size and style. There are some that are black but with white lettering and there are a number with peaked top rail. We have two double peal boards, one from the first half and one from the second half of the century.

There are a number of small boards on hardwood which are not painted black and which are not currently included in the photo gallery below.

Photographs of St Michael’s Peal Boards