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Quarter Peals

These are the Quarter Peals rung at St Michael’s

from June 2010 onwards with the most recent at the top...

Sunday, 17th December 2017

1273 Grandsire Triples

Composed by Peter J Sanderson

Betty Rice 1

Helen Green 2

Sue Hunt 3

Pete Jordan 4

Terry Oram 5

Greg Jordan (C) 6

Lynne Jordan 7

Roderick Boucher 8

Rung before the Carol service.


Friday, 22nd December 2017

1264 Plain Bob Major

Composed by Richard I Allton

Steve Lutener 1

Alison Smith 2

Maggie Ellis 3

Terry Oram 4

Chris Ford 5

Lynne Jordan 6

Jon Soar 7

Pete Jordan (C) 8

Rung before a carol service.


Saturday, 30th December 2017

1260 Grandsire Triples

Composed by J Holt (from the original)

Gillian Carey 1

Sue Green 2

Cindy Maude 3

David G Butler 4

Nigel A L Mellor 5

R Andrew Sutherland 6

Mike Pidd (C) 7

Cath Butler 8

Leeds University Society of Change Ringers. In 47 minutes.

Belated birthday compliment to Penny Pidd

Here is a searchable .pdf of the complete listing of quarter peals rung at St Michael’s to the end of 2017.