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The web is awash with great websites on change ringing and the various societies and organisations that support change ringing. We have listed just a small selection below that we think you will find most useful, and which showcases the incredible range of bell ringing; and of bell ringing material and resource on the web.

Please also note that they are not arranged in any particular order other than the grouping to make it easier to find what you are looking for. All websites move location or change the URL address of their home page from time to time, causing a link to be ‘broken’. Please could you let us know if you notice any broken links.


Central Council of Church Bell Ringers

The Central Council provides an overall framework to the the various Societies [generally non geographic] and Guilds [generally geographic and based on the Church of England Diocesan structure].

Ringing World

The Ringing World is the standard weekly newspaper for all ringers, in the UK and across the world. It has useful articles, current news, announcements, and it publishes all the quarter peals and full peals rung.

Guilds & Societies

Winchester and Portsmouth Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers

The W&P as it is commonly referred to is the local guild for St Michael’s. This website lists out all the towers affiliated to the guild together with contact details and the various officers of the districts guilds

Ancient Society of College Youths

Established in 1637, the Society is a premier change ringing society in the City of London, with a national and international membership that promotes excellence in ringing around the world.

Society of Royal Cumberland Youths

The SRCY is a bell ringing society with members from the UK and overseas, and have their headquarters at St Martin-in-the-Fields in Trafalgar Square, London. Established in the mid 18th century, the Society has a strong reputation not only for promoting good ringing but also as a friendly and sociable society.

Whiting Society

This ringing society is highly focused on ringing rather than having business meetings that can seem to go on, and on. However, it also has some interesting publications to its name.

Bell Ringing Resources

Dove’s Guide for Church Bell Ringers

Dove provides an exhaustive database of all rings of bells in the world with efficient and varied search capabilities and details of location, bells, etc. It is the standard tower resource for all ringers.

Online Method Database

This website provides a resource of the vast majority of methods that are officially recognised by the CCCBR, and extensive range of search criteria and the ability to print them out in a variety of different formats.

Bell Ringing Web

A very news orientated web site that taps into a range of sources and presents them in a variety of different ways, ranging from mobile apps to social sites and RSS feeds

Changeringing Wiki

The Changeringing Wiki is an online community encyclopaedia for change ringers and it contains a wide range of material. This wiki was created to build up an online repository of articles, a definition of technical terms, ringing hints and tips, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Changeringing Resources

Another massive online database of links and wide ranging material which will keep anyone interested in ringing quiet for many, many hours.


Diary and records of ringing with some news and articles. Run by the Ringing World and is an alternative to Campanophile (see below)


News and articles but this site is most frequently used as an alternative to the Ringing World as a means of publishing quarters and peals and has an excellent search facility too


This site lists all peals rung since 1985 and is maintained by the Ringing World. There are search facilities by tower, ringer, date, method, etc.

Felstead Database

The aim of the Felstead Database is to list brief details of every tower peal that has been rung. In order to achieve this, peals are added to the Felstead Database as historical evidence, as received or obtained from current sources such as The Ringing World, Campanophile and PealBase.

Steve Coleman Books

Steve Coleman is renowned for his very approachable and clear style of writing. Excellent books for the bedside to tap into before turning in for the night.

Learning to Ring

Learn to Ring

A great site for learners of The Exercise [as it known, look it up] and the official ‘learners’ site from the CCCBR

Discover Bell Ringing

Another great site for those new to ringing.  Lots of material and videos and is very approachable.


Abel [like Beltower below] is a computer software programme that simulates ringing to facilitate learning. It has a wide rang of capabilities, including the ability to work in the tower, with sensors attached to a silenced bell, to allow ringers to practice in the tower without upsetting the neighbours.


Beltower [like Abel above] is another computer software programme that simulates ringing to facilitate learning. It is very comprehensive and will provide hours of useful ringing in the privacy of your own home.  Great for practicing those methods before you get to the tower.

Belfry Resources

John Taylor and Co

John Taylor & Co. continues a line of bell founding which has been unbroken since the middle of the 14th Century, when Johannes de Stafford was active only 10 miles from the site of the present foundry. Since 1784 the business has been in the hands of the Taylor family. In 1839 the business settled in Loughborough and is now proud to operate the largest bell foundry in the world. Centuries of experience, together with up to the minute advances in technology, has put Taylor’s at the forefront in the design and manufacture of bells, their fittings and frameworks for all methods of sounding bells.

Nicholson Engineering

Established in the 1980's and a limited company since 1995, Nicholson Engineering now employ's a total of eleven staff operating from a large and fully equipped works in Bridport, Dorset, UK. One of the largest specialist bell hanging companies in the world, we have an enviable reputation for the quality of our work.

Whitechapel Bell Foundry

Whitechapel are one of the two big names in casting bells [the other is John Taylor]. The Whitechapel Bell Foundry is a bell foundry in Whitechapel in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, in the East End of London. The foundry is listed by the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest manufacturing company in Great Britain.[1] The foundry's main business is the bell founding and manufacture of church bells and their fittings and accessories, although it also provides single tolling bells, carillon bells and hand bells.

Whites of Appleton

Whites of Appleton Ltd is a long established family-run company that offers quality and competitive services for any work connected with bells. From a single chiming bell to complete change-ringing peals, they supply, install and restore anywhere in the United Kingdom and beyond.


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