Ringers and bells at St Michael’s Apart from the photograph of Alice White we have a photograph of the band in the very early 1900’s [rather approximate since we have no specific date to apply] posed around a table outside the entrance to the Church Cottage building across the car park from the Church. The names along the bottom provide a legend as to who is who in the photograph and are as follows:- G Purdue Rev. C H Lacon R Redgrove S Wheeler W Hatten E A Hopkins H White G Capron G White R Franklin J Chambers As you can see, the picture is in sepia and is rather damaged by time and possible exposure to damp conditions up the tower. On its reverse is a stamp identifying the photograph as having been taken or processed by Sidney Victor White, Photographer, of Reading. Photographs of the Bells of St Michael We have an extensive range of archival photographs of the bells, the frame and and the belfry which are available on request but here is a small selection Photographs of the Peal Boards of St Michael’s