Record of Ringing

In the context of campanology, a full peal is when a band of ringers ring all the possible unique changes for 7 bells with no repeats. This is 7 factorial which works out to be 5,040 changes, and usually takes about 3 hours or so to complete. Convention requires that the performance is completed with no stops or breaks [i.e. continuous ringing] and that the ringers have no aids, assistance or swapping of ringers for the duration. Clearly, ringing a full peal is a significant achievement and requires both considerable stamina and a lot of concentration to be successful. A quarter peal is only 1,260 changes but performed to the same stringent rules as a full peal and typically takes about 45 minutes to complete. At St Michael’s we ring, on average, between 10 to 20 quarter peals a year. Some are for specific ecclesiastical or civic occasions, others just to provide extended training and development for our ringers. All such full peals and quarter peals are published in the Ringing World [see the Links page for the Ringing World and BellBoard links]. We keep our own archive record of ringing at St Michael’s and here are the links to the fully indexed and searchable Record of Peals and Record of Quarter Peals , which are both .pdf documents which are updated on an annual basis. Here are some of our most recent ringing performances:- Sunday, 28 January 2024 (8–3–3 in A) 1260 Grandsire Doubles 1 Betty Rice 2 Steve Lutener 3 Sue Hunt 4 Chris Ford 5 Greg Jordan (C) 6 Mike Rice --000-- Sunday, 17 December 2023 (14–1–10 in F) 1260 Grandsire Triples Peter J Sanderson 1 Marc Courtois 2 Maggie Ellis 3 Greg Jordan (C) 4 Lynne Jordan 5 Steve Lutener 6 Jon Soar 7 Pete Jordan 8 Mike Rice Rung for the Carol service --000-- Saturday, 9 December 2023 in 44m (14–1–10 in F) 1250 Yorkshire Surprise Major 1 Maggie Ellis 2 Matthew L Dancy 3 Margaret Smith 4 Chris Ford 5 Jon Soar 6 Lynne Jordan 7 Pete Jordan (C) 8 Greg Jordan Rung before the civic Carol service and to wish everybody in Basingstoke a Happy Christmas. --000-- Saturday, 18 November 2023 (14–1–10 in F) 1280 Spliced Surprise Major (3m) 480 Superlative; 448 Bristol; 352 Yorkshire Ben White-Horne 1 Claire Allen 2 Jon Soar 3 Ali Hunt 4 Pete Jordan 5 Michael K Hopkins Till 6 Lynne Jordan 7 Graham A C John 8 Greg Jordan (C) Rung as a belated 30th birthday compliment to the Conductor, and to Lillian Halewood, (both 09/11/23)